The SEASONS APARTMENTS is a serviced Hotel Apartment within the DCNL PLACE, Kado District, Abuja. This is a rare investment opportunity that allow individuals and cooperate bodies to profit from the booming hotel industry which assures as high as 30% returns per annum on your investment, which include average yield of 14% and 15% capital appreciation.

√ Investment in other money market instruments – Treasury Bills, Government Bonds and Time Deposit give 15.8%, 13.5% and 12% returns respectively which are lower than the 30% return the Seasons investment can give.

√ We then partner with leading hoteliers to optimize rental rates and occupancy levels which in turn provide our hotel investors with great returns.

•The Seasons will partner with 10 Embassies in Abuja.• The seasons will partner with 20 reputable NGOs in Abuja.• The seasons will have a stand at the Murtala International Airport Abuja and a free pickup and drop off.• The Seasons will partner with foreigners and locals for both long and short stay• The Seasons will adopt electronic system to manage, monitor and account for each investor’s expected returns.• The Seasons will partner with Hotel Advertising and booking site like,,• The Seasons will adopt outdoor advertising medium and radio/ Tv Jingles.• The Seasons will partner with SMEs and other businesses to be their official guest lodge.• The Seasons will attract guest for private retreats and getaways

Another reason to invest in the Seasons is the OWNER'S PRIVILEGE: where the owner can spend two weeks or more in the Apartment yearly.

•Studio Apartment (big bedroom, bathroom, Kitchenette) - N29,000,000•Suite Apartment (big bedroom, lounge, Kitchenette, bathroom) - N34,000,000

Note: Tailored payment plan available.
*terms and conditions apply.


Ample Car park
Concierge Service
Round the clock facility Management service
24/7 water supply
High speed Passenger Elevator
Emergency staircases
Fire alarms system
Air-conditioned spaces
24/7 Security with CCTV
Roof Top Lounge
Intercom facility
Waste Management
Lush and verdant landscaped areas
Driver/Cloakroom/Cleaner’s Bay
*terms and conditions apply.